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Last users comments on FAQ Entries

Weird black flickering in Car Select screen by Kacy (2013-04-12 16:05:04)
Racer won't run - once loading is complete it crashes or throws me back to the menu by Adam (2013-01-12 12:21:16)
Updating Racer 0.5.0 by Max (2013-01-12 11:13:42)
Minimum / Recommended PC configuration by Vale (2013-01-12 11:04:48)
Sound problems in Windows by Nona (2013-01-10 12:48:06)

1. General

1.1. What is Racer?
1.2. What's it look like? Got any screenies?
1.3. Supported platforms
1.4. Minimum / Recommended PC configuration
1.5. Quickstart Guide for the Computer Literate (Windows)
1.6. Updating Racer 0.5.0
1.7. Racer version tag

2. Car

2.1. Install a car
2.2. Why does <car name> handle so badly?
2.3. Car don't work on Racer v0.5 beta 6 and above
2.4. I want to create a car
2.5. How extract/decrypt .ar files ? I want modify/convert/render a car...

4. Other "Getting it to Run" Problems

4.1. QLog.txt information
4.2. Sound problems in Windows
4.3. "A required .DLL file, DINPUT8.DLL, was not found"
4.4. Mac OS X users
4.5. Racer won't run - once loading is complete it crashes or throws me back to the menu
4.6. My joystick/wheel isn't working (correctly)

5. Common Graphics Problems

5.1. Green and yellow debug dots
5.2. Weird black flickering in Car Select screen
5.3. Crashing to desktop when using trackcams ("C" on keyboard)
5.4. 1600 x 1200 behaves strangely
5.5. Voodoo3 users
5.6. My framerate is really low (<1 fps)

6. "Quick answers" section

6.1. Multiplayer
6.2. Default controls
6.3. What other keys can I use? (applies to all controllers)

7. What to do if you STILL can't get it to work

7.1. Forum search
7.2. I need more help!

8. Racer-Xtreme FAQ

8.1. How to upload my car/track on racer-xtreme
8.2. I can't vote for a car or track
8.3. I don't wish vote option for my car or track
8.4. I don't like my car/track screenshot...

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