The Unofficial Racer FAQ : "Quick answers" section

6. "Quick answers" section

6.1. Multiplayer
6.2. Default controls
6.3. What other keys can I use? (applies to all controllers)

6.1. Multiplayer
This doesn't work yet. If you try to Join or Host a multiplayer session, there's a chance your Racer might "break" (!)
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6.2. Default controls
To choose your controller, run Racer/config.exe and select a preset file from the drop-down list. You can edit the preset files - they're in the Racer/ctrlset/ directory.

If you don't own a wheel/pedals or analogue joystick, then the mouse is the best way to control Racer. Buttons change gear, and S operates the starter motor.

If you really want to use the keyboard, then the default setup uses the cursor keys, plus A and Z for gear changing, and S for the starter motor.
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6.3. What other keys can I use? (applies to all controllers)
- Use 1,2,3....0 on the keyboard to change car cameras.
- The numpad moves cameras (rotate, zoom) in real time.
- "C" toggles between car cams and trackcams.

- Hit F2 for replays, then "S" to save, or use the "eject" button.

Other functions:
- Use Ctrl-1, Ctrl-2 ... Ctrl-0 for the debug screen readouts.
- "P" for pause, handy for checking debug readouts.
- "W" (in car select screen and Racer's modeler.exe) toggles wireframe mode.
- Shift-R resets your car to the first grid position (the start).
- Shift-P resets your car to the first pit position.
- F12 takes a screenshot as a .tga and stores it in Racer/dump/ directory.
- Ctrl-F turns off the FPS readout in the top left.
- Ctrl-S saves the current gamestate (and also kills the engine).
- Ctrl-L loads the saved gamestate.
- Escape to return to menu.
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