Submit you own picture of the week

We will be displaying a player generated screenshot each week on the front page of Racer-Xtreme site. In order to make this process as painless as possible, we have just a few guidelines for you to follow when creating screenshots:

Screenshot Parameters:

  • Maximum resolution of 1024x768
  • 24 bit color (no 256 color)
  • JPEG or PNG format
  • File size should not too big (some users have modem...)
  • No debug information on the picture (remove FPS with CTRL-F and debug text with CTRL-0)
  • Must be game engine generated (no fakes or other manipulation)
  • Can be edited for visual effects (should be notified in comments)
  • Anti Aliasing should be turned ON on your video card
Please also provide in the email with the shot:
  • Car name
  • Track name
  • Your name (or nick) and e-mail adress (will not be published)
  • Your location (where you live)
  • A nice title
  • an optional comment (max 200 characters)

Send the Email to:

Please understand that we cannot accept images that do not conform to this criteria.

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