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GFXSetup 1.0
Click to enlargeAuthor: Christopher Kriens
Version: 1.01

GFXSetup is a complete graphics setup utility built for Mac OS X

Download | Homepage
Size: 550kb - Platform: Mac OS X

Click to enlargeAuthor: Luis Hernandez
Version: 0.0.1

MacRacerConfig, replicates "Racerconfig" on MacOS X. First available version has advanced features (Car.INI modifier and Multi.INI modifier) disabled, version 0.1 will have them enabled (Jan'04 timeframe.)

Download | Homepage
Size: 604kb - Platform: MacOS X

RACER Car Engineer
Click to enlargeAuthor: Alex Smith

This tools simplifying the creation/editing of car inis

Size: 53kb - Platform: Windows

Racer Track creator (RTC)
Click to enlargeAuthor: Matt Green (Mini16v)
Version: 0.3f

Racer Track Creator or RTC for short is a program which allows you to very quickly produce a drivable track within minutes. To prove this you should be able to take the default track and hit export, this will then have put the track into racer with working cameras/splines/timelines/textures/terrain ..everything !!

Download | Homepage
Size: 3164kb - Platform: Windows

Click to enlargeAuthor: Oliver Pieper
Version: 1.1.2

Raven is both a more powerful replacement for Racer's "configure" utility (offering all the options of "configure" and a whole lot more) and a lap time database for Racer.

Size: 1640kb - Platform: Windows

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