How to write Car & Track review ?

First choose a track or a car in the Racer-Xtreme database (review are linked to it)

Then write the review, with at least these sections:

  1. A title (will be displayed in Review list and at the begin of the review)
  2. A text, multiple paragraph allowed, possiblity to put picture, and format text (see below)
  3. A conclusion
  4. List of positive and negative points
  5. A rating (max note is 10)
  6. Car/Track & Racer version used for the test


  • Maximum picture width is 640 pixels
  • Review language is English

Text is formated with tag like the one used in Racer forum:

If you have idea to extend the review presentation & features they are welcome...

For more questions just send us a mail...

Send the text & pictures to :

p.s.: Don't forget to send us the author name (displayed in title and review list)

Tag list
[b]text[/b]format "text" in bold
[i]text[/i]format "text" in italic
[img=imagename]insert an image

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